ABC Special Programs

The Smart Board and Computers Make Learning Fun at ABC! Smart Board is a colorful, interactive, electronic board that allows children to be hands on in the learning process with larger than life experiences. ABC offers Smart Board computer classes weekly at no additional cost. Children learn either audible, visual or by touch, and the Smart Board accommodates all of these learning styles. Our smart board is connected to our computer so that sitting in front of a computer now becomes a visual interactive experience.

Hands-on with ipads and Tablets Handheld devices also allow for students to put the power of learning into the palm of their hands, through specially designed apps that focus on reading, writing and math skills.

The Future of Fun

The Future of Fun

Computers make learning fun at ABC, our colorful, interactive, electronic Smart Board allows children to be hands with larger than life learning experiences.


Phonics and Academic Rotation

At ABC we set the foundation for phonics and reading to help support your little learners on their scholastic journey! Students move beyond their ABCs and explore the world of vowel sounds and consenants.


ABC Special Events: You never know what kind of fun is in store! Visits from local heroes, tasty treats and unique games!

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