ABC’S Infant Program

A newborn baby is an exciting adventure and we want parents to have a wonderful experience while in our center. We work hard to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible so they can flourish and begin their individual journey through development.

Every child is given a special instruction sheet, so teachers can personalize to each child’s specific individual needs. Feedings, naptimes, habits, and schedules are all written by the parent, so our teachers can follow your child’s individual plan. Documentation of diaper changes, feedings, and naptimes are all recorded in detail on your child’s daily sheet that reflects their day. 

Milestones and Infant Monthly Activity Sheet: When your child starts school with ABC, they are given a milestone assessment. Through the findings on the milestone, teachers will make up an individual activity plan to assist your child’s development through interactions, senses, and activities. Goals for the month are made based off your child’s milestone and teachers record the results. Reaching, pushing, smiling, following, and rolling are only a few of the activities your child will be introduced to. From there, the sky is the limit!

When your little one becomes more mobile and has accomplished the majority of the milestones in the infant unit, we then begin transitioning your child to the Mobile Infant Unit. Here your child will flourish with other mobile children and begin to explore more through sensory. Your child will also be exposed to more challenging physical activity. Children in this unit will be introduced to sign language throughout the day. Our goal is to begin language development with your child at an early age. This will help teachers to communicate and understand your child’s wants and needs. Teachers will post featured signs for the week. The mobile unit is where we can introduce more solid foods and foods that are on ABC’s menu. When your child turns one, we also begin to transition your child from a crib to a cot that is placed on a matted service. Of course, dietary and nap changes are at the parent’s discretion.

Daily Reports

Daily Reports

We provide daily reports that inform you of your infant’s routine including feeding times, diaper changes, nap times and more.


Our infant curriculum is loosely structured to take advantage of your infant’s natural rhythms. 

Compassionate Care

At ABC we will provide a loving, safe, warm and stimulating environment for your infant to make their first discoveries.

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