ABC’S Preschool Curriculum

Three Year Olds

When a child just turns three, teachers begin a more structured and challenging approach in the classroom. This room is basically an extension of our two-year-old units, strengthening motor skills and manipulating sensory materials, but offers more academic challenges. A longer circle time is used in the morning (around thirty minutes). Teachers cover the material introduced in the two-year-old units and will focus more on concepts such as calendar, weather, numbers, and alphabet. Teachers also will emphasize name recognition and introduce writing skills. The teachers work on letter recognition, pencil grip and beginning writing skills.  Sensory and Art projects are now more goal directed. Teachers are focusing on potty training for the children that have not yet mastered the skill.

Older Threes, Fours and Pre-Kindergarten

These units strive to prepare children for Kindergarten. The classroom structure runs similar to a Kindergarten classroom to promote an easy transition to elementary school. Circle Time takes place in the morning covering the numbers, shapes, colors, letters, calendar, weather, pledges, Spanish word of the week and personal information (name, address and phone number). Circle Time is the time for the class to discuss the theme of the week. After Circle Time, depending on the day, children will be exposed to different core subjects. These classrooms work closely together to make the environment comfortable for the child and challenge each child to bring out and support their full potential.

Weekly Schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays

Phonics, Music / Movement and Art

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Academic Rotations: Science, Math, Language and Literature


Special Event Days or S.T.E.M Round Robin

Daily Reports

Building Blocks

ABC’s program has a variety of learning activities that include phonics, letter recognition, shapes, colors, numbers, math and science.

Writing Skills

Children learn to express themselves verbally, socially and through writing.

Reading Readiness

Each classroom participates in daily phonics and reading readiness programs, preparing your child for a life long love of reading!

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