ABC’S Toddler Curriculum

Begins around 18 months

In this unit, your child is introduced and exposed to more language, sensory and physical activities. Once in the Toddler Unit, your child is fully on solid foods and on the schools nap routine (one nap following lunch). Teachers begin the day with a group circle time that introduces shapes, colors, stories, songs, sign language and Baby Can Read language materials.

Baby Can Read Program: Teachers use this program to promote early literacy. The children participate in this program three times a day (circle time, before lunch and after P.M. snack). The program consist of flash cards, flip books, props and videos. These materials help the children make the connection between everyday objects and words.

Example: The word head. A picture of a head and its pronunciation, followed by the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” By using this program, we are promoting language development.

Sensory: Children in this classroom are introduced and exposed to many different art mediums such as paint, whipped cream, jello, water, etc. Children are also introduced to different textures to manipulate while teachers reinforce using descriptive terms such as hard, soft, rough, bumpy, and smooth. Children are given objects such as crayons, cotton balls, popsicle sticks and paint brushes to promote fine motor skills.

Motor Skills: Children are given many opportunities throughout the day to promote fine and large motor skills. Dancing, climbing, rolling, walking, stacking, sorting, and threading are only a few of the motor skills reinforced in this classroom.

Potty Training: When a child is ready, teachers will begin to potty train. Children will be given many opportunities throughout the day and the results will be documented on the daily sheet. Although ABC is ready to begin potty training as early as eighteen months, we make this more of a primary focus from twenty-four to thirty-six months of age.

Encouraged Exploration


At ABC toddlers are encouraged to explore our interactive environment through activities that promote an understanding of the ever-changing world around them. 

Building Blocks

Exposure to letters, colors, numbers and shapes begins your child’s journey into learning.

Early Literacy

By the age of 6 months, the children are exposed to the Baby Can Read program which is the foundation to a child’s life long love of reading.

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